Fred and Sherene Carpenter, Proprietor

                                           10639 Highway YY, Sumner, MO 64681

                                     Phone:  660 856-3648    Cell: 660 412-1995

Our daily lives are hectic. And though part of us enjoys the hustle and bustle, the other part has a longing for slower days and simpler times, for the quiet calm of a different, but somehow familiar kind of place. The Inn at Clover Hill, located in the undisturbed tranquility of Missouri farm country, is that place.

Situated on 700 acres in Sumner, The Inn at Clover Hill is the bed and breakfast experience at its best. Its history stretches longer than a century and is a fully functioning livestock farm with sheep, cows and chickens, as well as a few resident cats, dogs and the occasional litter of kittens and puppies.

Join us, and enjoy the rewarding pleasures of farm life; a serene moment on the garden patio, a bicycle ride through the fresh Midwestern air, or an evening of stargazing under millions of tiny, bright lights. Or, perhaps you would like to spend a day in the life of a farmer and shadow owner and family patriarch, Fred Carpenter, as he tends to the animals and the land. Depending on the season, you may have a chance to shear the sheep, pick vegetables from the garden or bottle-feed a baby lamb.

The Inn at Clover Hill is not only a place to get away from your busy life back home; it has become a place to gather with friends and family for momentous occasions. It is the perfect place for weddings, family reunions, conferences or any other special event you may have in mind.

Come to the Inn at Clover Hill and escape the everyday.